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Website Marketing

Biggest SEO Mistakes

  • Firstly, don't wait too long to use SEO for your website. You need to plan the launch of a new website or a website upgrade with SEO in mind. Also simply hiring an SEO consultant or a company and distancing yourself from it, is a huge mistake. Remember that you will pay the price if the consultant or the company you have hired use black-hat SEO techniques and end up blacklisting your website from the search engines.
  • Site navigation is an important factor and you need to know that search engine spiders cannot index Javascripts, Java applets or Flash. Your site maybe great looking and extremely easy to use, but what is the point of it all if the website cannot be found at all? Same is the case with overused images and flash animations in websites.
  • Choose the right keywords for your website. It effectively increases your chance of appearing among the top results in search engines. That's why you need to choose your keyword phrases with care. Don't ignore longtail opportunities also.
  • Avoid mistakes like stuffing keywords in the title and don't exceed the 65-character limit.
  • Ignoring local directories and mobile is a huge mistake, especially with mobile searches skyrocketing over 90% (Source: ComScore). Consumers are now relying on their smartphone devices to find local businesses.
  • Choosing to be socially "inactive" can impact your website's popularity also. Don't assume that social media is a passing trend. Instead, sign up on Facebook, Twitter and a host of other social media websites to increase exposure and to get listed on the major search engines.
  • Search engines learn a lot about your website and judge it based in who you link out to. Hence, you need to ensure that all your external links are to reliable and trusted websites.
  • SEO is not a one time process. It is an ongoing process which entails research, performance analysis and implementation of strategies based on search engine algorithms.
  • Ignoring Basic Search Engine Guidelines is another mistake which anyone practicing SEO should avoid. The guidelines are available online to read so you can abide by them to win the approval you are seeking.
  • Plagiarizing content from other web sources is a strict no-no. Apart from readers, search engines will also distinguish between original and duplicate content. This could affect your web page rankings also.

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